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One year and one day ago, my dress was white, my feet were bare, and my lips were saying "I do" to the man who stole my heart. Eric and Chayli Baer, for a forever that lasts as long as earthly life does.

That was such a beautiful day. It didn't matter that it rained or that my dress was slightly stained. It didn't matter that the punch ran out or that we forgot to sign our marriage license and had to get reluctantly roped back inside after we'd already made our escape. We made the best of everything, and it wasn't hard at all.

How is it that time sometimes seems to steal that ability? You fall in love, and you tell yourself that you're never going to get used to loving him. You tell yourself you'll do everything you can to keep that brand-new swirl of exhilaration that is so unbelievable and so uncontainable. Every day you choose to see the best in him, and for a while you can't even believe you'll ever see the worst. ...continue reading


It's amazing how fast time goes. It seems like rainy November was just here and we were just starting out on this new journey called marriage. But that was six months ago.

Six months of happiness. Six months of learning. Six months of growing closer to God. Six months of growing closer to each other.

We've been so blessed.

And in thinking back six months, I had to remember sitting at our bridal table with a piece of paper clutched in my hand. . . Eric's arm around me. . . quiet words spilling from my mouth. . . yet another poem in a long line of love poems.

I'd say it merits being brought out again. ...continue reading