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James Christian Roth.

To some, his was a name well-known in Mennonite circles.
To some, he was the friendly owner of a little secondhand store in Woodburn.
To some, he was a dedicated pastor and a wise mentor.
To some, he was a well-beloved missionary and brother in Christ.
To some, he was a faithful friend.
To many, he was a kind and gentle man, one who took time for others, one who gave selflessly, one who was wise and understanding. A man who knew and loved God.

But to me, he was my grandpa. And I miss him. ...continue reading

In moving, there comes a strange moment when you can’t remember which house you’re in, what you would see if you looked out the window, and where you would be if you stepped outside. . .

And then you realize you’re not actually in Gervais, you’re in Newberg, and you still have half a day of packing staring you in the face. But you smile anyway and reach for another fistful of Lucky Charms and another wrinkled sheet of wrapping paper, and you pull yet another mug from the cupboard and put it in yet another box and are so grateful that you have a husband and that he has brothers and that they are the ones who will carry all these heavy boxes out of your pretty little house for the last time.

I like moving. ...continue reading

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I was taking pictures at my sister Dora’s birthday party on Sunday when my other sister LaVay said, “I sense a blog post coming up.” I responded negatively, which led to a few “pretty please’es” and some well-placed flattery. 🙂

So here’s your post, Vay. . . although it might not be what you expected.

Photo credits: LaVay herself. 🙂

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“Thank You for the day that went okay,” we prayed, and it wasn’t until later that I realized we’d been given more than just a day that went okay.

Sunday was a first for us. Poorly as it might reflect on us, after being married a little over two months, we were having our first Sunday lunch company. Firsts bring jitters for me, and even though it was my family that was coming, the jitters were still there. Saturday night and Sunday morning were a flurry of preparations, of things forgotten and then abruptly remembered, of trying to figure out what to do first and what could wait. Hurry here and hurry there, but we were still late to church. ...continue reading